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Odd Tales Productions is a publisher with visions both close to home and beyond the Earth. We are in love with stories and adventures, and yet we are also concerned about the real world around us. Through our magazine and our books we explore the mysterious worlds of the Unknown, whether they be supernatural, fantastic, or science-fictional. And through Odd Tales Resist, we fight to uphold the values of compassion, justice, and liberty which are the most valuable products of human imagination. These goals are made possible by our wonderful and talented contributors, and also by our skilled and cunning editorial team. We have provided the CVs of our editors below.


Atom Mudman Bezecny has been writing for over fifteen years and has no intent of stopping anytime soon. Ever since she was a little girl, she's wanted to do what her heroes did, and flood libraries with her books. Born and raised in Minnesota, she has been published by many different presses, and from 2015 to 2019 she wrote movie reviews for Atom Mudman's A-List. She is currently working on the Hero Saga, a New Pulp series starring the adventurers Flint Golden, the Brute, and the Flash Avenger.



  • Devil Skull Takes London, 2011 (link)

  • Dieselworld, 2013 (link)

  • Words from the Inner Circle, 2014-2016 (link)

  • Much Ado About Kuru, 2016 (as Amos Slimechap Berkley) (link)

  • Tail of the Lizard King / Kaliwood, 2016, Ramble House (link)

  • The Monogram Monograph, 2017 (link)

  • Deus Mega Therion / The Divine Mrs. E, 2017, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • Jim Anthony vs. Mastermind, 2017, Airship 27 Productions (link)

  • Kinyonga Tales, 2017, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • Meta-Terrax, 2019, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • Quinary Infinities, 2019, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • Gatherings, 2019, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • The New Adventures of the Flash Avenger, 2020, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • The Brute: A Speculative Study of Tarzan in Film, 2020, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • Flint Golden and the Thunderstrike Crisis, 2020, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • Heatwave: A Tale of the Brute, 2020, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • The Claws of Bloo Mensloo, 2021, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • The Return of the Amazing Bulk, 2021, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • So Be It...Desecrator, 2021, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • The Bryan Gospels, 2021, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • Operation Xanadu, 2022, Gromagon Press (link)

  • Vengeance, 2022, Odd Tales Productions (with Henri Ericksen) (link)

  • Whispers at the Threshold, 2022, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • Leon Shatters the Easter Eggs, 2023, Gromagon Press (link)

  • Yankee Fakir, 2023, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • Nick Tredor Adventures, 2023, Odd Tales Productions (link)

    • #0 - Shadowhouse

    • #0.5 - The Mushroom (coming soon!)

    • #1 - Bag of Blood (coming soon!)

    • #2 - The Glass Lady

      Short Stories:

        Bloody Mary Series

      Published in Tales of the Shadowmen, Black Coat Press



  • The Spooky Skeleton Geckos Saga, 2009-2015 (link)

  • VCTV Presents: Lost Media Theater, 2022 (link)

Katherine Avalon was born in the forests of France in 1983, the daughter of a mysterious woodsman who had only a brief relationship with her mother. She has only recently turned to penning her own stories, but has had nothing but a blast since Day 1. She is dedicated to writing stories which question the most dearly-held facets of our society.


  • The Fires of '16: Reign of Emperor Tromble, 2016, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • Fuck Off S.R., 2018, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • The Compleat Dr. Draugiz, 2018, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • Gialloween, 2019, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • Deathwave: A Tale of the Flash Avenger, 2020, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • Avia: A Tale of La Belle Dame Sans Merci, 2021, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • s o f t w a r e  d i s c o u n t (魔法の冒険), 2021, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • Betrayal: A Tale of La Belle Dame Sans Merci, 2022, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • California Screamin': A Tale of La Belle Dame Sans Merci, 2022, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • Four Dragon-Spawn: A Filmic Cycle, 2022, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • Captain Africa vs. The Vampires, 2023, Odd Tales Productions (link)

  • "Suicide Cult in the World of Cannibals" (Odd Tales of Wonder #2, Oct. 2016)

  • "Continuity, Incorporated" (Odd Tales of Wonder #4, Oct. 2017)

  • Archive of Our Own

Michael Kobold was born in Ashford, Connecticut and has a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Western Connecticut State University. He is a proofreader and copyeditor for Odd Tales Productions. He writes fiction in private for his own amusement (such as Timewave: A Tale of Flint Golden), with his published writing being nonfiction which has seen print through Odd Tales Resist.

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