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This is the home page of Odd Tales Productions and our magazine Odd Tales of Wonder, which brought audiences the world over the most exciting and engaging stories of heroes and villains - adventures and struggles - fantasy and reality. We published ten marvelous issues before shifting our focus to book publication! We are also the home of Odd Tales Resist: our punch up against the forces of fascism, tyranny, and greed. Check out the OTR page regularly for new stories and articles. We will be seeking to boost the voices of marginalized people as it is their views which matter most in the heart of resistance.

Our many issues can be purchased here! Check out our selection of books too, plus our library of free-to-listen audio stories. Some of our editors' written prose is also available for free! There are no limits here; not even the depths of space. So, welcome. And please enjoy.  

-With affection, and resistance,

The Odd Tales Editors


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