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by Henri Ericksen


It is 1926. Dudley van Loan is a young newspaper

photographer who's perpetually down on his luck. As the poor one of the family, he believes himself to be the recipient of the Van Loan family curse; but he is hardly envious of his wealthy sister Athdara and his equally-rich cousins. But soon, his family is met with tragedy and horror, when Cousin Terrence is murdered in his own home. Dudley and his relatives soon discover that Terrence was active as a costumed vigilante. Dudley chooses to follow in his path, taking up his own identity and naming himself after that which he craves most - Vengeance.

Vengeance was first released in 1947 by London publisher Smith & Sons. Its obscurity today is due to the fact that it was published in another universe . Editor Atom Mudman Bezecny first read Vengeance in the library that exists in her recurring dreams. Piece by piece, she has hauled the text out of her mind and adapted it for readers in our universe. Odd Tales Productions worked to recreate Henri Ericksen's original adventure classic in every detail. This exciting novella is part of the ongoing Hero Saga!

To purchase Vengeance please send your mailing address and $24.99 (hardcover) or $9.99 (ebook) via PayPal to Customers outside the U.S. please email before purchasing.

Adapted by Atom Mudman Bezecny

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