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Tales of

La Belle Dame Sans Merci

By Katherine Avalon

Who is La Belle Dame Sans Merci? The poetry of John Keats gives us only slight hints...she is the ultimate Femme Fatale, a ghost in a dark robe. Is she a Faerie Queen? A new type of superhero? A vengeful spirit, perhaps--? Or the avatar of some sacred mystery? All we know is that she has her goals, and she always fulfills them! And now you can join her on her unusual adventures...

A mystical trilogy by Katherine Avalon!



We are at war with the birds...but hasn't that always been true? They despise our arrogance, our greed, our ravaging of our world--and now it is time for them to take their revenge...




Human beings are defined by the secrets we keep - fantastic beings even moreso. To find justice, La Belle Dame Sans Merci must investigate the secrets of a superhuman family...that of the legendary champion Flint Golden...

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California Screamin'

California Screamin'


La Belle Dame Sans Merci is an extraordinary being - and so she must have

had extraordinary parents. Flash back to the '60s, where occult adventurers Lisa Braun and Skius Gray are hot on the case. They're about to meet a demon that'll help them beat the summer heat - by turning them cold as corpses.

To purchase California Screamin': A Tale of La Belle Dame Sans Merci (ebook) please send $1.99 via PayPal to

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