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Free to Read

Free to Read

Some of our editors wrote stories which they have made available without charge.


The Blood Avenger by Atom Mudman Bezecny - Originally printed in Odd Tales of Wonder #1, this is the story of the ghostly heroine Bloody Mary and how she came to be! Her first volume of adventures is told in Odd Tales #1-9!

The Lost Prince by Atom Mudman Bezecny - Bloody Mary Volume 2 begins when Mary meets an exiled royal from outer space! Reprinted from Odd Tales of Wonder #10.

The Antlered God by Atom Mudman Bezecny - Continuing on from "The Lost Prince" in Odd Tales of Wonder #10, we see Bloody Mary join her new companion, the long-lived psychic adventurer Immorté, as he returns to his home planet Rheton to fight back against tyranny. But can they triumph against the Royal Family of Rheton, who wield ancient and terrible dark magic...?

The Wild Hunt's Revenge by Atom Mudman Bezecny - Rheton is safe, but the Wild Hunt has come to Earth. Bloody Mary and Immorté must stand against the strongest member of the Hunt...and if they fail, Earth will fall to the fangs of an army of vampires!

A History of Immorté by Dr. Francine Rainsford - In the '70s Bloody Mary had a chance to write a biography of her friend Immorté--which is now available to the world for the first time!

Operation Bell Witch by Atom Mudman Bezecny - Immorté has been bewitched, and Bloody Mary must rush to find and stop the one who has cursed him. To beat this foe, Mary will need to call up her own enchantress...but can she trust the darkness that surrounds the terrifying figure known as the Bell Witch?

The Psychic's Corpse by Atom Mudman Bezecny - Bloody Mary and Immorté are trapped in 1947! What are Zahl Doone's plans? Who is the Amazing Mr. X? And can the Blood Avenger and Lost Prince defeat the wicked witch once and for all?

Typhoid Mary by Atom Mudman Bezecny - For years, Bloody Mary has heard whispers of Typhoid Mary--a being with powers similar to hers possessed of a great evil. Little has she known that this enemy has been waiting for the time to strike...and that time is now. It will take all of Mary's wits and cunning to survive the fate that awaits her.

Meta-Terrax: Annotations on Atom Bezecny's Earth-X Saga by Baron Lusca - Once, Earth-X was home to 7 billion people of relative innocence. But dark forces slowly corrupted it into Terrax, Throneworld of the Bloody Storm. Learn the story of Terrax alongside the insidious Baron Lusca, as he explores the stories of Bloody Mary and many other heroes!

Quinary Infinities by Atom Mudman Bezecny - Five tales once meant for Odd Tales Resist find their way to publication! This anthology contains four amazing adventures plus story notes for ReTales!

Gatherings by Atom Mudman Bezecny - Tales of love, penned from love. An anthology of faerie-glens, superhero weddings, and cosmic voyages into chaos. A collection of gifts.

Gatherings II by Katherine Avalon - More gifts! Experience a Christmas gone wrong, a spontaneous uncle, and a murder mystery! Brilliant tales of adventure and majesty by veteran Odd Tales contributor Katherine Avalon.

The Brute! A Speculative Study of Tarzan in Film by Atom Mudman Bezecny - A book-length deep dive into the Tarzan films of the '30s and beyond! This exciting exploration of cinema is also the second volume of the Multiverse-spanning Hero Saga!

Heatwave: A Tale of the Brute by Atom Mudman Bezecny - Unending heat sears the psyche. June Parker, wife of the Brute, is called into the jungle by summertime compulsions. Adventure and love await in the Amazon city of Palmyra! A sequel to Atom Bezecny's exciting book The Brute! A Speculative Study of Tarzan in Film!

Timewave: A Tale of Flint Golden by Michael Kobold - Flint Golden has been displaced in space and time, and his chronal mission is in jeopardy. But he is not alone: his otherworldly counterpart, Flint Lancing, is here to help. But also present is Mokalish Koh - a version of Flint from a world where the Nazis won! A prequel to Atom Bezecny's Flint Golden and the Thunderstrike Crisis!

Deathwave: A Tale of the Flash Avenger by Katherine Avalon - The Flash Avenger is dead - or so it seems! David Gaunt is pulled away from the instant of his death, but for what purpose? Only the mysterious Johnny Duval, once known as the Brute, can help him find the answer - but there is evil magic afoot! This story is a sequel to Atom Bezecny's book The New Adventures of the Flash Avenger!

The Mirage by Atom Mudman Bezecny - The first entry of a new series starring Heleos, a mysterious Multiversal traveler of inconsistent identity. Join her and her friend David in their exile to a strange desert planet - where reality is illusion and mirages conceal an unimaginable truth...

Passover with the Goldens by André Vathier - This guest story set in the world of Flint Golden is a heartfelt vignette of love and family. Vathier taps into the Judaism of Flint and his family to produce a warm Passover tale that fully embraces the spirit of the holiday.

A Puritan and a Gorilla Go Into a Bar by André Vathier - Another fantastic Flint Golden tale from André Vathier! Matthias Sjoman, alias the Gorilla of Gothenburg is approached by an old colleague of his with a unique proposition - he wants to see the Gorilla fight again. Matthias agrees, little knowing that the bout will bring him touch with a brand new future...

Aberrant Branch by Atom Mudman Bezecny - The legacy of bronze is tarnished. Darkness follows the light, growing darker as the light gets brighter.

The Party at Sadie and Krug's by Atom Mudman Bezecny - The Messiah walks among the sinners, unaware of God's plan for Him. Though it probably isn't God's - not His God, anyway...

The Craftsman House by Julian Jacobsen - When we're gone, all that's left of us are our stories. But how are those stories told, and by whom? A haunting ghost story from the master of Midwestern Gothic.

Whispers at the Threshold by Atom Mudman Bezecny - Actor Oliver Duffy is whisked away from his latest production to search for a mad criminal who once tried to murder him. This quest will not only test his nerves but bring him face to face with his past...and with his strange parentage. This novelette includes two exciting bonus stories expanding the author's speculations on the Family of Bronze!


Captain Africa vs. The Vampires by Katherine Avalon - In 1955, Republic Pictures attempted to release a sequel to their earlier  adaptation of Lee Falk's Phantom comic strip, only to the learn they had lost the rights to the Phantom character. They hastily reshot their serial as the unbelievably bad Adventures of Captain Africa, with the titular character being a pastiche of the Phantom. Katherine Avalon resurrects Captain Africa as a text-intruder, a fiction-invader who takes over the stories of others. Thrill to three remastered classic vampire stories as Captain Africa wreaks havoc on the literary world!

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