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So Be It...Desecrator
by Atom Mudman Bezecny


There cometh for every breathing soul a time when they must tread upon the sacred—urinate upon it—for the sacred is too often a mask for the profane. And the appropriation of divine nature calls for the rise of a dark and ruthless Avenger...


~ Lutum Hominus, 13th Century Monk

FBI agent Rico Benz is saddled with transporting a mysterious amorphous entity which can travel through dimensions--typical luck for him. When things go awry, ripping him from his home and family, he is reborn in a new form. With his new shapeshifting abilities, Rico must fight his way off of an alternate Earth, where a sinister alien force has all but destroyed humanity...

* This book is dark erotica and deals with potentially triggering subject matter. For 18+ readers only.

To purchase So Be It...Desecrator please send your mailing address and $13.99 (print) or $4.99 (ebook) via PayPal to Customers outside the U.S. please email before purchasing.

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