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Heart Fatale
A Queen of Hearts Story
by R. Paul Sardanas


Heart Fatale Cover design.jpg

Humanity is on its way out, and there’s a replacement.

From the depths of space came the Frogs, an
unstoppable alien force which has laid waste to the
Earth. Despite the best efforts of humanity’s
greatest champions, most of the human race
has been exterminated, with some of these great
heroes being turned into dark versions of
their former selves. Implanted with Frog
technology, these former saviors now seek to hunt
down and crush any remaining resistance.

Re-born into this world is Erin Petrarch, the
Queen of Hearts: once a human, now a machine
in service of the Frogs. Erin is not gone
completely...but perhaps it would be better if
she was. For her new state of being is even more agonizing
to her spirit than the pain of her bloody death...

This psychological and emotional ride by Doc Talos
author R. Paul Sardanas digs deep into the world of
Atom Mudman Bezecny’s novel So Be It...Desecrator
to explore fundamental questions of the human soul...
all of its love, and all of its grief. It is a chapter of the Hero
Saga you will never forget.

To purchase Heart Fatale please send your mailing address and $15.99 (print) or $6.99 (ebook) via PayPal to Customers outside the U.S. please email before purchasing.

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